Spring Series points 2016

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2016 Series Points

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Points are awarded at races to the first 15 finishers in each category as follows:

1st - 30 points     6th - 15 points     11th - 5 points
2nd - 27 points    7th - 12 points     12th - 4 points
3rd - 24 points     8th - 10 point       13th - 3 points
4th - 21 points     9th - 8 points       14th - 2 points
5th - 18 points     10th - 6 point       15th - 1 point

- The points table will be updated during the week following each round.
- You must score in all three rounds to qualify in the series and be eligible for a series prize.
- The system rewards regular attenders and consistent scorers. There are no discards.
- The requisite number of laps must be completed to receive points except in exceptional circumstances.
- In the event of a tie the highest finishing position from the latest round determines the overall series position.
- There are races but no series prizes for the Under 11 & 13's, Beginners or Fun categories.
- Please note that the published results at Timelaps are provisional and will become final seven days following the event. The Series Points updates after each round are therefore also provisional and will be final after the seven days has elapsed. If you have any issues with them please notify Gorrick via email within two days of their publication. Protests against other riders can only be placed at the event within 30 minutes of the results being displayed.