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Rider photos from Yateley published

by Paul Howard, 22 Oct 03. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» 2» ]

All the photos are now posted in the Gallery.

How was Yateley Heath for you today?

by Paul Howard, 19 Oct 03. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» 2» ]

Dusty? Fast? Slow? Exciting? Exhausting? I think all of those words applied at some point today, let us know what you thought by e-mailing

Rider photos from Black Wood published

by Paul Howard, 14 Oct 03. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

Yes folks, they're finally up in the Gallery, take a look now!

Yateley Heath pre-race news

by Jon Lucas, 14 Oct 03.

Autumn is here but the sun just keeps on shining, with hardly a drop of rain falling. This means our Yateley Heath race course is in prime condition for our 3rd visit of the year.

What the riders had to say about Black Wood

by Paul Howard, 02 Oct 03. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

The venue was great. Particularly enjoyed the bombholes! Bit bumpy in places so very glad I've just got suspension. I'll be there next year if it's available.

Black Wood - 'A bit like Thetford?'

by Paul Howard, 28 Sep 03.

'And not dissimiliar to Checkendon too!' were some of the comments heard today about our new venue.

Autumn Races - coming soon

by Jon Lucas, 15 Sep 03.

Hi, hope you had a good summer. It's that time of the year again! Our first race of the Autumn is on Sunday 28 September at the NEW VENUE of Black Wood, North Waltham, Basingstoke, Hants.

Autumn XC Race Entry Forms now online

by Paul Howard, 18 Aug 03.

There is only about 6 weeks to go until our first race of the Autumn series, so send off your completed entry form now to save queuing on the day and paying any extra.

Autumn events

by Jon Lucas, 22 Jul 03.

We are trying a new piece of land out for our first Autumn XC race down at Basingstoke, which is Beech woodland with loads of open single track.

Gorrick 100 race report

by Paul Howard, 08 Jun 03. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

A big well done to all riders who competed today and congratulations to everyone who finished their set number of laps and received an engraved plaque for doing so.

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