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TORQ Lite Results

by Paul Howard, 26 Aug 19. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

What an amazing turnaround from the Gorrick team to create TORQ Lite at short notice. Returning to Porridgepot - last used in 2016 - was welcomed by riders already familiar with the huge selection of fun trails. And they certainly made the most of the venue with a 6.5 mile course. The format of a 6hr and 3hr race with the option of solo, pairs or teams of three worked well with all the races hotly contested. Temperatures peaked around 30C, combined with the still dusty air and some cauldron like climbs riders were caked in layers of sweat and dust. It was certainly the hottest weather we've had at a TORQ event in all 11 years, so Torq Matt was keen to ensure everyone was using his electrolyte products properly!

All the results and photos are available via the links above. Massive thanks to all the riders and supporters for sticking with us through the difficult times of event organisation. The atmosphere around the site and on course was brilliant and we all agreed the venue although compact works very well. Thankyou also to the sponsors for the prizes and their continued support.

It was very pleasing on Monday whilst taking everything down to find virtually no rubbish onsite or food wrappers on the trails. All that was left was tyre tracks in the dust. So I'm sure we'll be welcome back with such good behaviour. Thank you one and all, hope everyone recovers ok and look forward to seeing you at the Autumn Classic and Brass Monkeys.