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Skedaddle XC Spring Classic: Results and Photographs

by Paul Howard, 17 Feb 19. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

A great day's racing in the sunshine today, and it was good to see so many old friends returning to race Gorrick's spiritual home at Crowthorne. How many of you attended our first ever race here back in 1992?

Even after some 27 years of courses the Gorrick team still find ways to make a lap at Crowthorne different; switching up trails in alternative directions to the usual, recovering tracks from the past that have fallen into disuse, or just finding fresh linking trails. Though it's still great to ride the classics such as Corkscrew and the Quarry, both of which had features displaying A and B lines to ensure a safer passage for all. This is a method we like to use to prewarn of upcoming obstacles (most typically with a dropoff), but ultimately it's the riders responsibility to pre-ride the course to determine what they can or cannot ride.

Full results can be downloaded from the link above along with Kevin Sheldrakes photographs which are available to purchase through his website.

A rider who had a particularly good day was Mark Slocombe. Not only did he come 3rd in the Vets, but he won the Saddle Skedaddle prize draw for a UK weekend MTB break. He had this to say on our Facebook page; "Was a great day, super course. Looking forward to the break. Thanks Gorrick and Saddle Skedaddle."

Attention now moves on to the Scott Gravity Enduro Series. Round 1 kicks off on the 17 March at Hungry Hill near Aldershot. This is a gravity fed timed stage race event, a race but not in the XC Enduro sense as you will not be competing shoulder to shoulder, this is you versus the course. It is also not a pure downhill event, so they will be no gnarly steep descents or massive drop offs. It is a circuit of the venue, which includes a number of timed trail stages, so you will not need a special bike with loads of travel either, just bring what you have and enjoy. You will be helped on your way by good old gravity but you will still have to pedal a bit. We will also include a few A or B line choices just for good measure. See the website section for full event details.